Tutorial repair feed yang tidak update

Feedburner Feeds Not Updating

1. Check original source feed –  has it updated? When you use caching plugins, there is a high chance your feed is cached and when pinged bots come by, they do not find an updated feed. Clear cache and confirm that the original feed has latest content.
2. Validate Feeds – check your feed with Feedvalidator to see for any RSS errors which prevent your feed from syncing correctly.
3. Ping Feedburner – use this form to ping your feed urls or site url (which should have feed autodiscovery links in the html), then your feed will be quickly updated (or it will point out feed errors). This did not fix our issue as well.
ping feedburner
4. Resync Feedburner Feed - If your feed is valid, and even after pinging the feed does not update in an hour, then Feedburner recommends you go to the feed troubleshoot page (after logging into your feedburner account) and then you need to resync your feed and it will get updated instantly.
Resync feed
That worked and synced our feed with fresh content. Have you ever need to fix Feedburner feed issues?