Diamond Tears By JYP VS Studio Beats By Dr Dre

Monster Diamond Tears by JYP is a tight fit for me
My opinion on two of monster headphone that we recently bought, which still undergoing testing. I got myself a grey Studio Beats By Dr Dre and my wife Diamond Tears By JYP. Im in Malaysia by the way where it is uncommon to wear Beats wherever you go because it considered as extra super duper expensive. I'll use english because there might be an interest from outside Malaysia. I wear studio a lot this couple of days and have not properly tested Diamond Tears as this post is written. here's my 2 cents on the matter.

Studio Beats By Dr Dre are specially made for people that love bass and suitable to current Pop and hip hop song, as my interest are in the biilboard chart rather than musical beethoven or whatnot. this is what i recommend for an eargasm basstronomic sensation to the max!

The build on Studio are just so-so when compared to the beautiful luxurious DT. I was kind of expecting carbon fibre or state of the art material when i had to pay that much on headphone. Dont get me wrong the build is still nice and sturdy, however compared to DT it pale in comparison. DT with a higher price is  definitely eye catching with it's Diamond shape, it's white luscious plastic see through crystal band. i love how the logo of Diamond Tears is inside the band giving it an other worldly feel.

Do you use a headphone and find you have to turn the volume up to 8/10 so that you will hear the whole bass and song, for you to feel in the music, do you? well i was like that with my old headphone. Surprisingly with Beats studio i have to turn down the volume so much to 4/10 so that i can feel the music. I still get the bass and every detail is nice and crisp. I keep turning down the volume its a real mystery to me, its very weird but i feel it sounded great at low volume. My headphone are now eardrum friendly, what a happy notion.

Diamond Tears (DT) By JYP are so balanced that i somehow feel that my studio are inferior. however i love my bass so much that i just gave heads up to Studio which delivers nice bass even with low volume. In my previous headphone i have to max out the volume or put it at level 8/10 of the volume to get all the music goodness. However with Studio i feel that i must turn down the volume to 5/10 so that i can properly listen because it's too loud. It's even nice at low volume, which for me is a surprise. It struck me that i was hurting my eardrum before this by maxing out the volume on other headphone.

Diamond Tears is quite small for me, it feels a little tight even for my wife. im asian of 170cm in height moderate build. It's a little larger than Solo HD but smaller than Studio so its in the middle. it's over the ear style. Studio covers my ears overall. Solo HD was too small for me and it kinda look ridiculous to me.

I am prefering towards Studio nowadays because it's nice bass and details, im really irk up a bit by the fact we cant control the volume with an android phone via control talk, i seriously think it is stupid for the manufacturer to not make the control talk available for other devices apart from iphone. Ipod/phone are also obsolete nowadays, going down the drain. does someone know of any specialized app that can break this problem?, crack the setting and it imitate ipod or something. specialize wire, anything?