Senarai Artis KPOP di 27th Golden Disk Award Sepang

List of artist that will be performing at Samsung's 27th Golden Disk Award , Sepang circuit

Senarai artis Kpop yang akan perform 15hb Feb (hari pertama)
  1.  Super Junior yang akan menyanyikan Bonamana, From You, Oppa Oppa dan Sexy, Free & Single, 
  2. G-Dragon (One of a Kind, Crayon, Heartbreaker), 
  3. FT Island (lntro + Live, Severely, I Wish), 
  4. SHINee (Lucifer, Stranger, Intro + Sherlock), 
  5. KARA (Intro + Pandora, Jumping, STEP), 
  6. BEAST (Special, Beautiful Night, Fiction), 
  7. 4Minute (Intro + Volume Up, Mirror) dan 
  8. EXO (Intro + MAMA, History, HOT). 
  9. Juniel  Bad Person, 
  10. Jong Hyeon dan Juniel (illa illa, My Love), 
  11. B1A4 (Good Night, Tried to Walk, Baby I’m Sorry, Sechskies), 
  12. BTOB (Secret, My Girl, Intro + WOW) dan 
  13. CNBlue (Intro + Hey You, Intuition), 
  14. INFINITE (The Chaser, Be Mine, Paradise) bagi sesi hari pertama. 
Senarai artis Kpop yang akan perform 16hb Feb (hari kedua)

  1. Dasom Way Back Into Love, 
  2. T-ARA (Sexy Love, Lovey Dovey, Roly Poly), 
  3. Miss A (Touch, I am an Independent Lady),
  4.  Lee Ha Yi (Intro + 1,2,3,4, Mamadu), 
  5. Ai Lee (lntro + Heaven + I Will Show You, Umbrella), 
  6. Secret (Intro + Talk That, Poison, Love is More) dan 
  7. Heo Gak (The Person that Loved You, One Person). 
  8. Teen Top To You, Crazy dan Be Ma Girl, 
  9. Epik High (Get Out The Way, Love, Love, Love, Light It Up),
  10.  F(X) (Jetstar, Electric Shock), 
  11. K.Will (Please Don’t, Need You, My Heart Beating), 
  12. SISTAR (Intro + Alone, Loving You, Ma Boy) dan 
  13. Miss A (I’m Your Girl). 
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Taken from Harian Metro, might differ to any last minute update.