Tribute to my life!!!

Hmm…Think that it's quite a while that I didn't update my dear friendster's blog… Which actually I have another blog which I can talking crap ( Thinks I've messed up with my mood of writing. Have the idea but don't have much to spill out. Usually I would write depends to my mood, and my writing is quite good when I feel quite shabby or solemn. But, nowadays, I'm quite happy with my life, and that makes me will write nonsense. Trying to share my happiness with everybody and in the end I would talk crap.

Ila have gave to a baby boy. What a handsome boy her son is. Mohd Aqil Khalish (correct me if I'm wrong with his name). I'm really happy for her. Truly, she's one of my best friends that I really appreciate her in my life. When I got the news from his husband, me, sasa and my beloved fiancé went straight away to the Sg. Buloh Medical Centre to see her and his son. When we arrived, Farah and her family was already there. Her kids were sleeping, one in Farah's arms, and Yaya in her dad's. How lovely, and this visit seems like a reunion for us, as we barely have the time to hang around together. Only Dil not there, as we tried to give her a call but to no avail. She didn't pick up the phone…. How sad…Sob!Sob!...

Looking at Ila, and her growling (sorry dear!hehehe!) about how painful her delivering experiences to s, makes me think… Can I bear the pain when my times come? I know my body; I am weak actually in facing pain. Could I look healthy while I am pregnant…? This thought is already scared me to death…. Ila and Farah, I blame both of you for telling me this kind of scary stories... I'm actually not ready to know…Hehehe, but I know their intention is for me and sasa to get ready… Hahaha… Woit, aku kawin pun belum, korang dah takutkan. Mana aci!!!

Ermm… Seems for me that my days now is full with calm and happy moments. My fiancé actually have started his new semester as a PLK student in UiTM. He takes Business Management-Marketing for his degree. Huhuhu…. From Science to Business… He is adapting the new environment, but I think he'll be ok. It is much easier from microbiology, and I know he will not be regret to this.

Actually I've flunked for the 3rd time my PTD Assesment. Seem that my luck is still not there. There are many more people greater than me. Quite frustrated but I need to overcome this feeling. Failure usually gives me the urge to put more effort in gaining or achieving what I wanted. I used to fail for so many times, and I won't give up so that easily. I know that I need to find a way for success… and I believe that with patience and effort, my waiting would finally been paid. For this time, I just have to be patient, and can't let the failure overwhelmed me….

Please my friends, do pray for my success… and thank you for all who have encourage me all this while…. I really owed all of you on that. I am really praying, hoping that I will get a permanent post in the government, as I've been longing to work as a government servant from the start. (What a lame ambition). See all of you in next write-up… -end-

The Collection of Stephanie Meyer’s – Twilight Saga

I like to read… Books, novel and most of the time, comic books. I've used to give all my ex-boyfriends a headache when comes to my obsession to books. They do not seem very pleased with my 'all my heart' hobby, coz they always think that I'm wasting my money to something that will be used once (maybe many of them only read a book once, then throw it away, but it is just not my style). How pathetic that they don't really know me well enough to jump into that short, unintelligent conclusion.

Lately, I have one latest collection of my own. Haha…. If my beloved fiancé have his Collection of Harry Potter Series – which he adore it very much, I found myself got into the Stephanie Meyers 'hot' collection – The series of Edward Cullen+Isabella Swan Love Stories, The Twilight Saga. Before I realized how fascinating those books are, I just ignored it, until I watched the movie, then just I realized, how good the books are. So, I went to every bookstores, (which to my disappointment that all those books sold out), until I decide to give a try at Borders, ordered them and just get it after a month of waiting. How the books now have a total control of my life, until I couldn't realized that I hoped that I could be Isabella Swan (how childish!) I've been totally into this saga this few weeks. When I read those books… I just could feel the emotion of the character.

Credits for the author for her such amazing stories….

The Saga of Twilight

My Twiligth and New Moon – 1st & 2nd Saga, Bought on 11.01.09

Eclipse and Breaking Dawn – The 3rd & 4th (last) Saga, Bought on 17.01.09

I'm in my way of finishing the last books – Breaking Dawn.. Hope the ending is much above satisfied coz I really hoped that it has a happy ending………….