Choose Positive Thinking Power


Choose positive over negative. Always say YES, if you say NO. you will end up finding excuses for every decision you make. Our mind is simply a state of the art machinery that cannot be replicated by even the advance AI where instinct and genius could kick in when you ask for it. Your mind will automatically support your choice.

Simply say NO, then automatically many excuses came up to object the proposal/project/idea. For example  try to think an idea to open up a Laundry shop in Puncak Perdana. OK now think laundry shop in Puncak Perdana. Now think "NO" When you say no dozens of excuses came up like Puncak Perdana has low market and will not make any profit. therefore your mind is supporting your initial decision. TRY IT.

Now lets try saying YES(positive) you will find your mind is generating many ways that you can overcome the problems your facing. Just try on any problems you are facing right now you will find many interesting answer generated by your own mind.

YOU need to really TRY it for it to works.

Good luck!

original thoughts of Abah based on David J. Schwartz's- Magic of Thinking Big