How to Promote Malaysian Batik?

This is my summary of a study in Global Marketing (PLK) on How to Promote Batik Malaysia to the World (US market)

Promoting Batik Malaysia to the World (US market)

Culture – US culture comes from the center of entertainment which is the Hollywood world, they follow whatever their favorite artist are trending or wearing, eg; Justin bieber, Jessica Alba, Kimora Lee Simmons and etc. therefore we need these celebrity to talk about batik with their social network or show that they are doing. These celebrity will then promote batik if they like the Batik.

We need an ambassador or spokesperson to champion the Batik in US. We need to employ famous Malaysian celebrity that is known to US like Datuk Jimmy Choo, Michelle Yeoh, Yuna, Zee Avi.

Penetrate the talk show in US which have high viewer rating like Tyra Bank Show, Conan o Brien, Oprah Winfrey and David Letterman. These shows could attract millions of viewers. A 10 minute segment would be more than enough to promote batik.

Create a batik summit design show in the US, invite famous fashion celebrity like Tyra Banks to promote the product. Also put a runway show concurrently to show off batik designer. Invite famous designers, politician celebrity, artist, singer and actors. Give free exclusive batik to them and encourage them to promote batik.

Giving it a “BRAND” would definitely increase the reputation of Batik, something like a high end “Malaysian Batik”. It needs to be extremely beautiful and elegant also to be extremely pricey so that people would notice immediately. Batik should not be made cheap and available. It has to be pricey and exclusive. Exclusivity is the main selling point because there will never be a duplicate of a hand drawn Batik. Many High end shopper would love to have the “Exclusive Hand Drawn Malaysian Batik”.

p.s. Its a last minute project, please pardon any errors here