Abah, Suami dan student... my life

Aku seorang pelajar PLK Degree Business marketing di UiTM Shah Alam, dulu belajar diploma mikrobiologi but after a couple months praktikal at sirim, i decided im not interested in sitting in the lab all day long. waiting for the result in 1-2 weeks time. if you get the wrong or unwanted result you had to start all over again. you also need to be particular with the instruments. really a tedious process. So decide against continuing in science. Thus i restart my study in Marketing.

Why Marketing? i was deeply impressed with the Mad Man TV Series, how interesting of a life of a marketer trying to sell ideas to people, we're not selling product but we're selling benefits of a product. A man who wants to buy a drill bit does not actually wants a drill bit but he wants a 1/2 inch hole in his wall. Im deeply interested in how people react to some of the promotions and marketing, i like to see how people behave.

"We want to make selling unnecessary" Management guru Peter Drucker.

Actually nak tulis dlm bm entha macam mana bley kuar dlm bi, x kisah sgt la kan..

im also a husband and a father to my litlle girl of 8 months old. baru pas merangkak ke depan semalam 23/9/11 very proud also very scared takut dia pegi entah ceruk mana plak.

ramai kawan di plk juga mempunyai kehidupan yg lebih kurang mcm aku nie, tapi yg bujang lebih ramai lagi, i said to them better setelkan degree sebelum kawin, kawin pun ok lagi tp kalo da ader anak lagi tough la kan. My life is quite tough, in a sense time is never enough, i try to cut down playing as low as i can and focus on finishing chores first. I do not wish my life on anyone else, not saying it's a bad life just saying is a tough one. i use to play hours and hours of games like Assasins creed, Fable 3 Crysis, bad company and many more. now no more games.

hantar anak(7.30pg) - kerja - pegi kelas(6.30ptg) biasanyer mkn dulu - balik(10.00) - mandi - main ngan raniah - baca buku (darren shan) - tido (b4 twelve)

doesnt seem that hard enough, tapi after a while you also get sick right, aper nak buat kenala setelkan secepat mungkin, i have 3 sem left in my estimation. sem nie amek 4 subjek sahaja.

plk ni most important is ader friends yg bley support buat keje sesame tiru pun sesame hehehe, org rumah pun kena support jugak.

hope i can be the best of both worlds...

note to self: skang early sem (2 weeks in) ader smangat lagi... sila maintain kan semangat awak yer.. kate rnak grad 3.0. hohoho