Hi Celcom Bye Digi

Finally got my First38 plan up and running, i made the arrangement for termination on thursday and today (tuesday) i got the sms to change my sim to the new one. and in a couple of mins the above pic says it all. finally the speed that i can call satisfying ;) happy happy daddy caddy laladadee wuuhuuu.

what happen?
digi sucks at my house in Meru in data and line(actually calls are fine) the issue is DATA speed. i need speed for various things, first and foremost for DOTA2 ehehehehe, u need a stable line or your just gonna get reported everytime u play with digi. and then i need it for work replying message sending attachment and online banking could get frustrating which is our norm in Shah Alam. and then i need for my study. hard to do research when the page is not loading in time. getting me frsutrated and ended going to bed with my assignment unfinished.

How to change telco?
Went to Celcom in PKNS and was told to settle all outstanding bill and it takes 3 days to process. its a small centre and i thought they could not process it fast enough cause my friend did it all of them in one day(different case)

then went to Celcom centre in Bukit Raja was told to terminate my supplementary line and had to do it at Digi Centre. i sign up a form in 5 min and got a sim card and was given a number to call when im done with the termination.

went to Digi Centre in BBT one Tower, found out there are 4 telco there duhhhh... if u want to change telco in Klang you better just go here they got u mobile, digi, maxis and celcom, next door neighbor. Digi told me to settle outstanding bill and i canceled my supplementary line with no question asked, and no money exchanged there.

i settle my bill online that same thursday. i call the guy in monday, and im done with changing to Celcom in Tuesday. they sms your current telco and they will sms you to change your simcard. quite a few hurdle to pass. but all in all a satisfied customer with now celcom.

status : i got full bar and 5Mbps speed.

note: First38 gives u 3Gb internet and 3Gb wifi for RM38 only for a limited time. the same plan with Digi for RM78 and yess wth.... and when i was cancelling the girl call me and told me theres a plan for 3gb internet for RM36 and wth again..... but still the issue is slow data.

yikes for u Digi byee