What to buy in Hong Kong

Mickey n Minnie from HK Disneyland
Some of the stuff that we bought in Hong Kong! some are from HK Disneyland, HK airport, Ladies Market and the Gundam Heaven in JBO Hobby in Mongkok also Citygate outlet.

My Daughter love the the Dolls so much we ended buying one mickey at HK Disneyland and one Minnie at the airport (cheaper than HKD i think)

Ladies Market is a fun place to see stuff and bargain for items. the shops are selling similar product and item. Haggling is the best part of Ladies market. Some may just ignore your haggling offer which means the price already at lowest or they dont speak your language. They understand simple english and learning their language might be a plus when haggling.

My Gundam RX-178 wrapped too tightly

the content ;)
various t-shirt from ladies market, shoulda bought more
From ladies market
souvenir from Ngong Ping, really well worth going too
Ladies market also
My wife said perfume are cheap here, i honestly cant seem to care kekeke
From HK disneyland for niece and nephews
Ladies Market again
This is at the harbour mall HK, really cheap here, wife wants to buy everything LEGO
ehem replica's for family ;P
From JBO hobby shop, cannot bargain already cheap. bad cust service summore. wth its cheap!
Coach are cheap at the Citygate Outlet near to Ngong Ping
Citygate outlet stuff are cheap, this is a steal too
one for wife, one for mother in law

Ladies Market, bargain to 3/4 price they offer and you leave smiling