PLK and PJJ UiTM 5 weeks in

Classes so far

Channel mgt agak scary sem ni sbb diajar oleh en afizan yg sgt passionate dengan kuliahnyer, saya tabik sbb dia ader passion yg mendalam utk ubah mentaliti anak2... errrr mak bapak yg dtg UiTM nak blaja marketing, UiTM was known to be the best business school once in the time of Dato’ Seri Ahmad Farid Ridzuan, Group Chief Executive Officer of Media Prima's Television Networks. All that we know the prime time has passed.... sigh... what happened!!? Only God knows

Then we have internet mktg. pretty easy going lecture, nothing much stood out. The lecture are easily understandable and not too boring.

environmental mktg is then comparatively more easy going. Haji Dzulkifli just write the address of his home and we could submit our assignment in any form in any amount and submit before the final exam start. pretty sweet huh. he just mention that all responsibility are on you, you submit you get points, the marks depend on the quality of your submission. Some people were perplex by the no border no limit policy. I for one love it very much.

Then the dreaded Mandarin 3 is coming to haunt me, why? cause im the only one left from my batch that have not taken it yet, no bros to help me out. SUPA SOLO. hope to at least pass this semester. huhu

May this semester be the best one yet!! fighting!!

ps: sorry for the language changes, somehow my mind pours out in english. who knows if i write longer it will come out in mandarin.... haha you wish!!