The Collection of Stephanie Meyer’s – Twilight Saga

I like to read… Books, novel and most of the time, comic books. I've used to give all my ex-boyfriends a headache when comes to my obsession to books. They do not seem very pleased with my 'all my heart' hobby, coz they always think that I'm wasting my money to something that will be used once (maybe many of them only read a book once, then throw it away, but it is just not my style). How pathetic that they don't really know me well enough to jump into that short, unintelligent conclusion.

Lately, I have one latest collection of my own. Haha…. If my beloved fiancé have his Collection of Harry Potter Series – which he adore it very much, I found myself got into the Stephanie Meyers 'hot' collection – The series of Edward Cullen+Isabella Swan Love Stories, The Twilight Saga. Before I realized how fascinating those books are, I just ignored it, until I watched the movie, then just I realized, how good the books are. So, I went to every bookstores, (which to my disappointment that all those books sold out), until I decide to give a try at Borders, ordered them and just get it after a month of waiting. How the books now have a total control of my life, until I couldn't realized that I hoped that I could be Isabella Swan (how childish!) I've been totally into this saga this few weeks. When I read those books… I just could feel the emotion of the character.

Credits for the author for her such amazing stories….

The Saga of Twilight

My Twiligth and New Moon – 1st & 2nd Saga, Bought on 11.01.09

Eclipse and Breaking Dawn – The 3rd & 4th (last) Saga, Bought on 17.01.09

I'm in my way of finishing the last books – Breaking Dawn.. Hope the ending is much above satisfied coz I really hoped that it has a happy ending………….