Tears are usually the best friend of mine. Sometimes I would think that my life will only filled with sorrow, anger and heart-broken. I've been disappointed with many things; and the most, my upper secondary life. Nowadays, I've been disappointed with my work.. My performances, the environment in the office. This work has started killing me. However, I realized now that I don't have no more tears. I just cry in my heart, and this gives me so much tense. I think that I prefer to cry out loud, rather than kept it to myself. Darn!!! I don't need this now. Lucky that I have my beloved fiancé to calm me down. Now, for the first time in my life, I has something that I am satisfied with. Yes, I used to write about loving toads rather than a prince. At last, I've finally found my prince charming… And I really hope that this time, I was his missing ribs. Thank you my love, coz you brighten my gloomy life. I know that I already have a shoulder to cry on, although now I forget what tears of sadness looks like…… Coz now what I always cry off is the tears of happiness and love….