True Love Tale!!

I wasn't sure enough, when a man came to me, asking me; "would you marry me?" I know I hardly know him… I know that I just know him, befriend with him a few months ago. Although we know each other quite a long time, but it just that "I know you" type. When I say 'yes' to his proposal… I made my unique world upside down.

I can't forget him, neither hates him. He is just one of my sweet, bitter memories. However, deep down in my heart, I know that this guy actually is not my destiny. I can't adopt into his world, neither did him. He wanted me to adapt his old-fashion, conservative culture, but he, himself can't tolerates with mine. Until I realize that my loyalty is just waste less, I've decide to take and follow my own path….

Broken hearted, me myself felt like wanted to run away from my friends. Grapevine, gossips, rumors about me being mean to him spread through the entire university. This is the consequences for being in love with someone famous. I am lucky as I'm already finishing my study. I struggling with my own self, missing him, loving him and trying to hate him, but I know that it's over. I kept myself reserved, missing him more until I hardly bear the pain. However, The Almighty is full of mercy; His Love to me shows me the right path that I should choose. And my patience is blessed.

Finally I met my true love… Thanks for all this time, you always be at my side, encourage me. Thank you.