Only god knows how painful my heart is when I know the truth.


Why on earth that I always have to face this kind of friendship???

Who should I actually believe?

Who can I trust???

I am damn frustrated right now. Feel like wanted to scream, feel like wanted to get off from my seat right now.

Am I too kind, too soft-hearted until my friends could easily take advantage on me?

Am I too useless until they can't see my true self?

Oh Almighty God, please give me strength, give me patience in facing this situation.

Please show me Your mercy, give me all your 'hikmah' to me in this situation.

I am here, just my body, but not my soul.

I am becoming the living dead as my mind is not with me anymore.

Please help me O' Mighty Allah!!!

Ya Allah, besarnya ujianmu ke atas hati hambamu….

Ampunkan aku Ya Allah di atas kekhilafan diri ini.