Immortal Song 2 Greatest performance!

I really love Immortal Song (IS), This list are for my own record, because i sometime want to watch back all this great performance again and again but i somehow forgot where i put them or cant find them again on youtube or my drive. So whenever i see great performance i'll put it here. Some could relate with this list some would not, all in all it's just my preference.

Baekhyun and Chen (EXO) on IS2
my bias! though im a guy, Baekhyun-ssi of EXO is really, cheongmal2 awesome and chen also is great. what i love about baekhyun is his vocal are awesome but his harmonization are really2 superb, whenever chen is singing i was really concentrating on Baekhyun voice harmonizing with Chen. intro was great! great vocalist with a great song! this is my current favorite vid.

Norazo - I can do it

Though im not korean, and can only understand the words with the sub, i somehow can feel the song lifting me up. the melody is really uplifting. and the kids are really a nice touch of a tear jerker, almost cried myself.
this week performance was espescially awesome do watch out for the MC Jiwon and Moon Hee Jun singing and finally wins!

Girls Day- All For you
So Sexy and hot.... didnt know they are such good vocalist too!

ps: credits are due to its respective owner, this is just a sharing platform. tq