Loving toads who would never turn into a prince!

Usually, when someone in love, they do not care what is his/her lover looks like. They can cope with their bad behavior. They adore their lover so much. I used to have the same feelings as them....Adore most of my partners so much. I tend to cope all their habits, their attitude, although sometimes they hurt me so much... Until I realise that i am dating with a toad rather than a prince. Although how hard I try to change them to turn into a prince and live with me in the kingdom of happiness and love, but they would never be. And do not tend to be. They wanted me to become toads like them. I try to, but i too can't cope with their lifestyle. That when I started to think, is this the man that i have to live with? forever? Until both of us have skeleton in our closet, i've decided to make a move...I have to move on to my own path, leaving that nasty toads behind in the journey of finding my prince. I believe that i deserve a prince rather than living in toads hole. They aren't match for me. They are not destined to be my soulmates. I do not want to waste my precious life living with a man that i do not know his sincerity. I already have a deep cut in my heart. I just hoping that there's a prince that would come to be my savior of love. I just hope that I would find him and he will come and save me from this lonely kingdom tower.