Miserable...and a curse!

Thought wanted to remind myself, to forget and forgive. Hard to believe, this kind and soft hearted person can be very stubborn. Can't forget, and can't forgive. Remembering the past, which is more like a thorn into my heart. I can't forget him, neither to forgive. Hurt, is the suitable word to express it. Taking advantage at my weaknesses. Making ma' life during the school days miserable. I regret that I ever knew him. I regret that I ever befriend with her. This two person have made me really live in miserable. Really hate them.

However, time goes by, and i don't even bother bout them anymore. Though, deep within my heart, i've cursed them rest of their life. What they give to me, they will get it bad....And i think they already get it... Hope they realized that what they have done to this princess and would regret it forever, coz...I really can't forgive them...FOREVER!