Ingat pasir tu boleh dimakan ker????

Okay this post is actually a reflection how frustracted I am when both of us opened our account. If there are friends who worked in gov. sector, surely they would face the same problem when they started their work.

R&R (for yourselves) for those who wanted to work permanently in gov sector:

1. If you just being accepted to work there, you have to have at least to have your contingency savings for at least 5 months in your account.

2. Be prepared for bureaucracy..... (and also nonsense crap answers when you asked about your paycheck after 3 months)

3. Make sure that your bank is the one that your company thinks could give benefit to them (or else it would be so damn late or you youselves have to ask the bank where did your money go...)

4. If you have answer like this from your payroll officer; "awak kn tanya sendiri kat bank kenapa gaji tak masuk," make sure that you balas balik like this; "Kak, mana salinan voucher yang dah dihantar ke bank? Takkan saya bodoh2 nak gi tanya, karang buat kena gelak dekat bank jer....." ->ini stail orang malas nak buat kerja....

Actually, these condition does not applied to all government sector or ministry, but most of the gov. worker faced this issues. Have to be prepared for the first 3 months of no pay.... the pay check will be given on the third month or if unlucky, only received on the 4th month of work.....WTH??? Ingat selama ni pasir tu boleh dimakan ker?

I admit, both of us are working as government servant. I am lucky coz my beloved workplace does not imply to that nonsense. But mr hubby office do imply that, although when on 'taklimat', they told them that it is all lie.... I am frustracted when he told me that all that i wrote above happened to us.... And we are unlucky when bureucracy took place.... Sometimes, the officer have instruct to their assistant in-charge, but the assistant that lengthen the processes, and sometimes its vice-versa.... Working in the environment, makes me understand what happened, and its really makes us frustracted to the way how it done.....

To the person in-charge, I am really begging you.... Pay check is not something that you can ignore or take for granted. Orang mengharap, jangan bagi janji palsu...... Jangan buat, 'oh, aku dah kena macam tu dulu, korang pun kena rasa jugak!' Itu menganiaya namanya, kalau perkara tu boleh dipercepatkan, tapi sengaja dilengahkan kerana nak orang lain jugak rasa apa yang korang rasa. Some people have tendency to do that to other people. Cuba amalkan 'aku dah rasa, aku tak nak orang lain pun kena jugak,' . Kan besar pahalanya.

Sigh!!! Its hard to change other people perception and attitude!!! But, kalau ikut hati, nak jer pegi ke sana, jerkah kat bahagian berkenaan!!!